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  • Teroka - Intelligent GPS Tracking

    Reliable smartphone based vehicle tracking
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Why Teroka?

GPS Tracking / Anti-Theft

Teroka is a GPS tracking system designed to track your car in ensuring the safety of your beloved ones, finding them whenever you want

Realtime Tracking

It provides you with the location, direction and movement of your vehicles so that you can have a better control and allocation of them


Get the most relevant notifications about the vehicle condition, behavior of the driver or precise location on the map in real time

Trip Replays

View trips of past journeys, from engine on to off. Data is securely stored and accessed via app.

Remotely Cut Off Engine

Teroka GPS Tracker can cut off engine remotely when something bad happen to your car

Worldwide Coverage

Teroka devices can be tracked via web or smartphone application anywhere and anytime.


Teroka Features

  • Track: Vehicle
  • Remotely Cut-off engine
  • Main features: reports, alerts sensors and etc
  • Register and start tracking within 5 minutes
  • Long warranty period
  • Easy to understand the flow
  • Buy with affordable price

What makes Teroka better?

0 %
Recovery rate of missing vehicles
0 %
Driver management increase

Business use

Live GPS Vehicle Tracking with 5 or 10-second position updates.

Monitor current vehicle speed, the direction of travel and watch your staff movement just with your smartphone device.

Improved territory management for sales representatives.

Better customer service and it will help you win new customers.

Personal use

Keep track of elderly family members and more.

Track your own vehicle, safety assurance and track trips.

Know where your vehicle is being taken by using your smartphone.

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